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There is no special effect needed to enhance the beauty that is this hooptie found on the streets of Philadelphia.

There is no special effect needed to enhance the beauty that is this hooptie found on the streets of Philadelphia.

American gluttony at it’s finest…

American gluttony at it’s finest…

Notice the hypodermic needle container for the responsible heroin addict who shoots up in the mall bathroom.

Notice the hypodermic needle container for the responsible heroin addict who shoots up in the mall bathroom.

Toby vs Kunta: Jeremy Lin

“Kunta” 02/13/12 11:47 A.M.

Sooooo, TO, McNabb, Moss and Ochocino (soon to be Johnson) will all be free agents again this off season. I already can’t wait for next season.

You think Lin can keep up this pace? Or at least be an effective PG? or is this all fluke?

“Toby” 02/13/12 12:02 P.M.

Lin won’t be able to keep this pace up for one simple reason. Theres only one ball and he’s not the team star or the one relied on most heavily for point production. It was fine while Melo was out cuz you needed those points to come from somewhere, but with him back, everything goes through him again and Lin’s playing time will probably be reduced.

“Kunta” 02/13/12 12:07 P.M.

Hey man for someone who was nowhere a week ago (literally) he better be happy with cutting his points in 1/2 while upping his assists. It’d be nuts if it got to his head and he went buck wild. Like next year starts and the headlines are “how did the Lin dream turn into a triple homicide.”

I’m picturing Jin’s publicist finally calling him up & tryna get the two of them to bump into one another. This is going to be such a hilarious image creation.

“Toby” 02/13/12 12:21 P.M.

What do you mean bump into each other? Isn’t Lin sleeping on Jin’s couch every night? He’s the cousin they keep talking about, right?

“Kunta” 02/13/12 12:28 P.M.

You know how some over night sensation shows up one day and commands headlines. Then he’s randomly at the same club that some loosely related dude is at as well. Or like how some R&B chick has one song then is suddenly on 19 different hooks. Jin was the only Asian MC that mattered (other than the dude North Star or whatever his name was).

I’ve been watching more random stuff on the score center app and some dude was talking about a Glen Davis/Dwight Howard swap for Monta Ellis and David Lee. Dwight is being crazy unreasonable; he wants to go to a contender than can help him build notoriety! What kinda demand is that? How many teams are on the cusp of a championship, in a big market and in need of a big man and has the pieces to trade?

“Toby” 02/13/12 12:40 P.M.

Southstar. YOU remembered that first a few years ago and then I never forgot it. Corny nonsense. I don’t see Dwight’s demands being met and I assume the trade deadline is coming up soon. He’s gonna have to test the free agent waters. When is his contract up?

CSNPhilly is reporting that the Eagles are gonna franchise DeSean. When they slap that tag on him, they will only have to pay him 9 + million for that year. That’s cheap compared to other cats franchise tag payouts. Plus they will still retain the option to trade him. Sounds like a win-win as long as Andy doesn’t do something stupid with him.

“Kunta” 02/13/12 1:15 P.M.

Southstar only pops up when another Asian shows up.

Just watched 1st take or whatever its called discussing that and whether or not Tiger Woods is the Lebron of golf. That was annoying to watch for obvious reasons. I don’t know why NFL players are all about long term deals. I want to make $9M now rather than $30M over 4 years.  Cuz you’ll cut me in two years anyway. Franshise me every effing year. When you want to talk deal, I’m specifically saying “guaranteed $$” like some people do over long-term deal like others say.

“Toby” 02/13/12 1:23 P.M.

I always thought Tiger was the Jordan of golf. Turns out he’s the Gilbert Arenas.

Comparing Lebron to Tiger is absurd. When was Bron at THE top of his field? He has 10 fingers and NO rings. Tiger has multiple green jackets and a lot of trophies to go with it. The last time Lebron was the champ, he was dunking on high schoolers.

“Kunta” 02/13/12 2:14 P.M.

Yeah that’s the point Michael Smith was trying to make. Some other dude said what you said too: Tiger Woods is MJ on the Wizards. Putting up decent numbers but the bars been set way too high to expect the same. He apparently averaged 20 a game on the Wiz so that’s not exactly shoddy numbers.

» It was Skip Bayliss that made the Lebron-Woods comment but he’s on vaca so the host had to defend his point. Didn’t do a good enough job but either way, there are a bunch more accurate comparisons and it even plays into what Lebron said, wanna make a point, put my name in and you’ll make your point.

The host ended it with some nonsense like let me see Tiger chase some dudes down and win and I’ll say hes not lebron. They should have countered with, let me see lebron win an NBA championship and then he can be compared to anyone other than Ewing, Barkley or Malone.

“Toby” 02/13/12 2:20 P.M.

Ewing. Barkley. Malone. Great names to be associated with except for that glaring lack of jewelry.

Toby vs Kunta: chink in the armor

“Toby” 02/21/12 7:30 A.M.

I read an article last night that detailed the whole “chink in the armor” debacle. I find it totally unbelievable that in this day and age, the editor responsible for that headline saw NOTHING wrong with it. I avoid using that phrase simply because of the racist slur possibilities. Idk that I can be convinced that he didn’t mean a little tongue in cheek reference there, but then again, if he did it on purpose, didn’t he fear the repercussions?

And which anchor said it? The article didn’t name them.

“Kunta” 02/21/12 7:45 A.M.

I didn’t feel the need to read the article and didn’t feel the need to figure out anything about that nonsense. As you said, in this day and age, he doesn’t know what might be considered offensive so he’s just an ignorant SOB to me and I don’t have time for that ish.

Since he’s ignorant in my eyes, I believe he didn’t know there’d be an issue and that’s sad. How did no one else see it too? Only 2 people see these articles before they hit the internet. That actually makes sense because it would explain why those below average articles are on grantland. With the 24/7 media, you have to put EVERYTHING out there and no one has time to review it all. But someone should take 5 minutes to read headlines at least.

I did just check the anchor and its Max Bertos. Not sure if he’s new but I’ve never heard of him. He apologized on twitter even though ESPN didn’t release the names. His wife’s Asian so I’m assuming he was just reading the teleprompter. Why he was speaking to Walt Frazier when he said it is beyond me but I guess its back to the 24/7 thing. gotta fill the time with something.

“Toby” 02/21/12 8:43 A.M.

Forget him. Moving on. How about Greg Oden having a procedure done to his knee only for the surgeon to realize there was some additional damage in there and perform Oden’s THIRD micro fracture surgery! He will NOT play this season! They drafted him in 07 and he’s only played 82 games total! And to think, they drafted him instead of Kevin Durant….just like when they drafted Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan…can’t coach size, right?

“Kunta” 02/21/12 9:10 A.M.

Yeah that was unlucky decision making on nobodys part. They couldn’t draft Durant because they had Brandon Roy and now Roy and Oden may never play again. A squad with Roy, Durant, Aldridge sounds incredibly long and high scoring right about now.

You cant coach injured players either. Was Oden this injury riddled (or rumored to be) in college?

“Toby” 02/21/12 9:45 A.M.

Watching PTI right now. I can’t stand Danica Patrick. Clearly, I’m not a race car fan, but I think she should just go away. She’s the Anna Kournikova of racing.

“Kunta” 02/21/12 9:53 A.M.

Funny you bring up PTI, I haven’t seen it in so long. I thought it ended. I never even noticed them on the ESPN website if they’re prominently on there that is.

Danica Patrick most def is the AK of tennis. Got more commercials than Top 10 finishes prolly. The sport yearns for her and Dale Earnhadt to win and neither ever does.

“Toby” 02/21/12 10:14 A.M.

Great comparison. Both of them just living on a name and a dream. Jr thought that if he just left Dale Earnhardt Enterprises, his driving woes would decrease. Instead, he’s just continued along his path of mediocrity with occasional flashes of brilliance.

Kornheiser brought up a good point about Oden. He said he never felt like Greg was fully committed and devoted to basketball. I always thought he looked uneasy and lost on the court in college. I never saw what the big deal was when he was at Ohio State. He said Oden wanted to new dentist it his hands were too big and he couldn’t get them into people’s mouths…imagine that guy as your dentist…

Toby vs Kunta: Toure

“Toby” 02/24/12 9:12 A.M.

its several months old, but always an interesting topic.

 “Toby” 02/24/12 10:12 A.M.

Aight, now that you’ve read the Vick article, read THIS. I found the Vick article because of this link here. This should be an interesting discussion.

“Kunta” 02/24/12 11:29 A.M.

I read the Vick article and I glossed over a lot of sections because I HATE articles like that. I don’t like articles based on hypothetical situations that have a million different outcomes. Toure says if he weren’t black or if his dad was around he’d have done XYZ. Um yeah, but who the eff knows, Iverson is from VA, from a poor household, without a father and as far as we know, isn’t a dog-fighter. Pretty similar situations with different articles. That’s like saying if Iverson’s dad was around, he could have set up dog fights in the garage (like Vick’s dad alleges) and then Iverson would have gotten into dog fighting. I don’t know what you think of Toure but he comes off as another one of those “let me just say some stuff and see what happens” kinda people. No real logic. Based on that article, I’m not picking up anything else he does. Another thing I hate is double standards, which is what article #2 is about. I’m tired of black ppl dropping the n-word then getting pissed when other people use it. Tired of all people that think “minorities cant be racist,” which is a direct quote from my college roommate. Article #2 is right, if the most respected white journalist wrote that article, he’d be crucified but the most idiotic black dude can say what he wants. You seem like a Toure fan tho (at least before the article)

“Toby” 02/24/12 12:50 P.M.

I’m a huge Toure fan. I have been since the mid 90s. I identify with a lot of his ideas on race and he says a lot of things that i’ve already thought an dealt with. I am typically a fan of his nonfiction writing and his interviews. This hypothetical thing was a bit of a stretch and I didn’t really even feel like it was that well written. Kind of hard to write a good article when it’s all based on hypotheticals. What’s the point of even writing it?  That being said, the woman who wrote the follow up article seems as though she has a bone to pick with him and I feel like that came out in her review. She referred to his use of “in the pocket” as “a bloviated, quasi-lyrical use of language…” OR the other option, which is that it’s standard football term used by everyone. Merely stating at the beginning of your diatribe that you don’t know a lot about sports doesn’t get you off the hook for not doing some research first. Plus, she takes it a step further and does her own bit of hypothesizing when she says something to the effect of based on Toure’s logic,being poor and black and without a dad means you will be violent toward animals. She pulls his points out of context and ignores other things that he said in the same article which would invalidate her attacks. I think if you are going to critique someone’s writing and breakdown their point of view, you should at least do it honestly and not lead the reader down a path which is directed solely toward your point of view. Give them the full picture so that they can make the judgement on their own. I didn’t notice a link to his article either, but I DID notice links to other articles which attacked him for some other things.  You’re right, Toure does throw things out there sometimes just to see what sticks and causes a commotion and his may have been one of those instances. I’m fine with that. I am going to go back and re-read it, but I don’t feel like he was saying that Vick fought dogs because of those things. He was saying that those things are potential factors that could have played a part in why Vick fought dogs. I heard plenty of sports talking heads of both colors referring to Vick’s upbringing, as many found it to be a central part of the story. After all, what kind of person does this to dogs? He must have had some strange, violent, and sordid past life that would lead him to this. Toure merely postulates that the idea of a white child being in the same situation is unlikely. Which regardless of whether it’s true or untrue kind of negates the point of the article, right

“Kunta” 02/24/12 1:01 P.M.

I just have a hard time understanding the total difference between a black dude saying we need to band together and a white guy saying the same thing. I understand the reason why it “needs” to be said but I guess because I personally don’t need to hear it, it baffles me that others do. BTW, when I say I don’t need to hear it, I mean I will support black businesses, etc. I don’t need to be reminded to do so. It’s funny you say they both direct us to certain points and such. I was watching Today show and apparently some guy named Bob Ward was convicted of killing his wife. His lawyer complains that the prosecutor misled the jury to a guilty verdict and I thought, isn’t it your job to mislead the jury to a not guilty verdict? The prosecution simply did a better job of misleading. I feel like articles like both of these are supposed to work like prosecutor/defense attorney. Toure says if he were white blah blah blah and forces us to think that if he were white the circumstances wouldn’t be the same. Her article says that’s nonsense but she then creates her own shaky retort by saying she knows nothing about football (which, even though that’s not what the article is about, makes me think she doesn’t know what she’s saying) and creates her own hypothetical points of view. And yeah I know he didn’t say Vick did ABC because of XYZ but why write an article about potentials and alla that crap if you don’t believe it yourself. Every one talked about Vick and most people said it was his upbringing without saying it’s because he’s black. Toure is the one that went out of his way to say allude that things would be different if he were white; that’s the title of the article!! Not, “what if Vick had a different upbringing?” you could be the same race with a different upbringing as someone one your street but that’s not what he writes about. He dumbs it down to race. Even with that, dog fighting is not a black sport. I lived in an impoverished country with dogs all over the place and dog fighting wasn’t a favorite past time for people. There was clearly dog fighting going on in Vick’s lifetime but it’s not in his DNA. He was a millionaire who LOST money operating a dog fighting ring. That just sounds like s stupid business man, not a man trapped in his upbringing. Where was Marcus Vick? I didn’t see him go to jail! What happened to his DNA? I know theres a very good chance he just wasn’t snitched on but when you’re a snitch, you sing sing sing and everybody goes down. Unless I’m missing some story about Marcus’ upbringing or his punishment in all this. One of the article also says people aren’t inherently violent and I disagree with that 100%. If you read the bible, it goes: 5 days of creation, Adam, Eve, sex, pregnancy, jealousy, MURDER!! According to the freaking bible, murder was invented by year 20 of the world!!!!!!!!!! If you watch Rome: slaves from wars. Read about cavemen, the slightly more developed humans killed the less developed humans and took whatever they had. Spanish dudes coming to America came with weapons (and disease) why? Because they figured whoever was there might not like the Spanish showing up and 1) they’d ask the Spanish to leave and the Spanish would slaughter them or 2) they’d be hostile from the start and the Spanish would slaughter them. Name the historical background and there is a violent middle that once created, dominates afterward. Assuming we’ve actually gone to the moon, I can only assume what kind of weaponry we take with us…just in case.

“Toby” 02/24/12 1:50 P.M.

I totally agree with everything you say. However, I think he interjects race because people ALWAYS avoid it. It’s the elephant in the room all the time in this case. And although his race has NOTHING to do with the decision he made, people still looked at him like a screwed up, spoiled, entitled, BLACK athlete. Not a screwed up man. Not a screwed up any other thing. There were a whole lot more understanding and forgiving black people on his side and there were a whole lot more horrified and angry white people on the other side.  Toure’s point could have just as easily been made (and probably better made as its a more valid argument) had he just said  Michael Vick fought dogs because he grew up poor and in many poor communities across the US, this is an accepted practice, but when people talk about this case, they often refer to it in ways that points to dogfighting as being a serious problem among Af-Am people. Marcus, btw, is a notorious screw up who also fell in with undesirable ideas and was unable to shake his oh so wretched past and made some bad decisions that screwed up his life. (notice how he never got drafted out of Va Tech, even though many pro scouts and his college coach said that he could be better than Mike? That’s because he didn’t stay or graduate cuz Frank Beemer booted him.) When the story first broke that he had been running a dogfighting ring, I wasn’t at all surprised. Some part of me automatically said,”he grew up hard, he probably saw that a lot and it was a source of entertainment for him.” I didn’t even doubt the validity of the claims or bat an eyelash at the idea. Am I jaded? Have I bought too much into the stereotypes about my own people? I wonder how much your upbringing in Nigeria vs me spending my formative years in Rochester, IN has shaped our views on race and how it is handled in this country.

Idk whose car this is, but PPA got ‘em. I hope it was the people from Parking Wars.

Idk whose car this is, but PPA got ‘em. I hope it was the people from Parking Wars.

Action Bronson and Party Supplies/Blue Chips

Everybody’s favorite, fat, white rapper is at it again. Bronson has blessed us with yet another free mixtape. Will wonders never cease? Click the blue link, you know you wanna…

Frito Lay knows what black people really want.

Frito Lay knows what black people really want.